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Refuge/Safe Houses

Posted By: Fèyísìtàn Refuge/Safe houses are accommodation settings where people who have escaped domestic abuse are sheltered and protected. Some centres have provision to accommodate children. These safe houses offer a variety of services such as support, mentoring and counselling Nigeria Another Chance Women's Home - A Safe Haven for Abused Women Phone: 0803 506 6656, 0818 029 9999 Email: PLEASE KINDLY SHARE VALID CONTACTS OF REFUGE/SAFE HOUSES IN NIGERIA & OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES Thank you Please follow on:  Facebook ,   Instagram ,  Twitter

Emergency Contacts

ALWAYS  MAKE SAFETY A PRIORITY If you're in danger and require urgent help or need to help someone else in danger, Please contact your local police or other available emergency hotlines. As you can imagine that these contact numbers can be very busy sometimes, PLEASE DO GET YOURSELF TO SAFETY if in immediate danger. Emergency Contact Details: Nigeria Hotlines: 112, 08137960048 In Lagos, Nigeria, this team takes domestic violence seriously and will be able to help and protect you. Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) - 0813 796 0048 Ministry of Justice, Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos Email: Violation of Girls and Women – 0800727 32255 CHELD Domestic Violence Helplines – 0810 757 2829; 0813 164 3208 Another Chance Women's Home - 0803 506 6656, 0818 029 9999 Email: United Kingdom In UK, the police take domestic violence seriously and will be able to help and

Useful Resources - Links, Help, Support, Advice, General Information

Posted By: Fèyísìtàn This post is all about useful links on domestic violence. The list is inexhaustible and would be updated regularly. There are loads of information available online. Please do find out more on Google and your local area. Domestic Violence and Abuse Resource Centre Nigeria This website is loaded with useful information on Domestic Violence in Nigeria; Contains related legislation on Domestic Abuse in Nigeria, Empowerment Tools and a downloadable Red Diary - A Directory for Help in Nigeria containing Tips for Surviving Domestic Violence and Abuse In Nigeria, please check out: Other useful sites