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Why Can't She Just Leave?

Why can't she just leave? This is a very common question that comes up in domestic violence cases in intimate relationships, married or dating. I believe it's common knowledge that domestic abuse is no respecter of gender. Men and women can be caught up in intimate abusive relationships. However, inherent patriarchal privileges make more women vulnerable to domestic abuse than men are. It doesn't mean the lower percentage of men in abusive relationships is being ignored. Ever wondered "why can't she just leave"?? 🤔. This post will provide some insights into the reasons some victims of domestic abuse feel helpless & hopeless even when they have enough support to leave the abuser. In fairness to those who have not directly experienced domestic abuse, it's really difficult for them to fathom the justification for staying in such toxic relationships when violence comes home. It's no brainer, right? Well, it's not always that simple a

No One Is Wired To Cheat

Hi people, this picture was taken on my weekend trip. I had planned to not visit Instagram or Facebook during my weekend break but that plan didn't last very but I'm glad I did because I saw a post on Instagram that inspired this topic. I wasn't even sure what title to use but I'm sticking with 'No One is Wired To Cheat' I saw a post on Instagram about the cheating scandal involving a popular American family. I noticed that many people were blaming and shaming the 'third-party' in the comment section. Well, I believe that people really need to learn to stop blaming 'third-parties' for relationship breakups. It doesn't matter whether the 'third party' is a side chic/piece (whatever they're called these days 😃 ), a toxic friend or monster-in-laws. If you must blame someone, focus on the party that indulged the third-party in the first place. That "men are wired to cheat" nonsense need to stop.