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Nurtured Not Tortured - Guard Your Heart

GUARD YOU HEART -  Abuse-Proof Yourself One thing common with EVERY abuser regardless of their orientation or status is to attack their target/victim’s self-esteem. It’s a gradual process, from isolation to condemnation to complaints and may even graduate or progress to physical abuse. No matter the type of abuse, it affects your emotions. Every form of abuse constitutes emotional abuse. When your emotions are attacked, it’s difficult, if not impossible to function effectively in every area of life. It’s psychologically draining and could shut you down mentally and medically. It could lead to depression, insanity or some forms of sicknesses and diseases that have never even existed in your lineage or in medical history. These days that almost every medical issue is related to cancer, one has to be very careful about what you allow your mind to process. If you’re able to understand these three major principles, it will help you to see the abuser differently and ho

Domestic Abuse - General Overview

Domestic Abuse - General Overview  Narcissistic, Sociopathic and Psychopathic Traits in EVERY abuser There are so many stories and on-going occurrences of domestic abuse resulting in marriages breaking down at an alarming rate but many people blame this on social media. In recent years, as human beings, we have unashamedly mastered and displayed the act of assigning blames to others for things we don’t understand and things we blatantly refuse to take responsibility for. Domestic abuse is very common and it’s ruining and claiming lives. There are stories of spouses being murdered by the very person that’s supposed to love and protect them. Many have taken residence and admitted to psychiatric hospitals. Many have become shadows of their true selves because they’re in a committed relationship with an abuser. Many are suffering from emotional and grievous bodily harm inflicted by their supposed loved ones. Many suffering in silence and living in fear of being judged or stigmat

Live, Love, Laugh & Enjoy

In the presence of God, there's fullness of Joy. “You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” - Psalm 16:11 Live, Love, Laugh & Enjoy 1. Live Every Moment by letting go of situations beyond your control and Let God 2. Love Beyond Words but don't allow yourself to be used 3. Laugh Everyday - it's always great to have a cheerful heart 4. Remain in God's presence and Enjoy Surely, we have been equipped for life's journey. Happy Sunday peeps & Have a blessed week ahead