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Common Terminologies in Narcissistic Abuse

These are some of the common terminologies used in narcissistic abuse Narc - Refers to a Narcissist Target  - The primary person experiencing or that experienced domestic/narcissistic abuse Love Bombing -  The initial strategic attention, superficial, feign affection the narcissist displays to secure their targets. It could be easily mistaken as genuine love, care and affection. They make empty promises, flatter their targets with excessive praise or gifts. They might also pretend to show interests in what they actually loathe just to deceive their target into believing and accepting them Narcissistic Supply - praise, admiration, validation, laudable position or title the narcissist desperately seek and needs to create a sense of importance  Enablers - People that knowingly or unknowingly support, validate, justify and revere narcissistic behaviour Flying Monkeys - The people the narcissists successfully manipulate to act on their behalf. They would have been g

It's OK To Cry

Yes, it's ok to cry when hurt. Crying is an expression of emotions and not a sign of weakness In a world where many people are raised with "big boys don't cry", ''man-up'' mentality to show strength when hurt or facing challenges, many people have been forced to master the act of suppressing their true emotions. However, suppressed hurtful emotions often lead to misplaced aggression which may lead to abusive behaviour When children are trained to suppress their emotions: - They may associate crying with weakness and become insensitive to other people's feelings and emotions  - They may use crying as a weapon of deception to avoid accountability -  They may experience frustration which will lead to transferred aggression (blind rage) Over the years, from personal experience and other people's experiences of domestic abuse, It's found that abusers often display phases of exploitative rage which leave their vic

You're More Powerful Than The Abuser

Image by  lubovlisitsa on Pixabay  Are you familiar with the phrase 'hurting people hurt others? 🤔 . I bet you are 🌞 👩‍💻  But are you aware that you're actually more powerful than the person abusing you?? 🤔  Maybe not necessarily physically but mentally  #readon No doubt abusive behaviours are learnt over time. No one was born an abuser  ✔ 💯   #notdnaissue 🤷‍♀️ Somewhere between faulted upbringing, exposure to trauma, suppressed emotions, unresolved personal issues, manipulated scriptures, entangled with warped religious and cultural beliefs, an abuser was made  ✔ 💯 . The abuser's first tactic is to strip you of your self-esteem or take advantage of your vulnerabilities The abuser instils fear in you out of their own insecurities not because of what you did or didn't do or say Your escape/leaving is an exposure of their inadequacies. In other words, you're a 'mask thief' 🙈 Fear, entitlement mentality and insecurities are some of the reasons for t

Prayer for Women in Abusive Marriages

There's another layer of abuse women of faith experience that forces some to endure domestic abuse much longer  #spiritualbuse  . .They're often accused of - "not praying hard enough'","not submissive enough". .They're quickly reminded that - ''God hates divorce", "a wise woman builds her home" . Then blackmailed with being 'unforgiving and not Christ-like' when they summon the courage to leave the abuser. . .Some are ostracised, isolated, stripped of their titles or positions because they're suddenly not 'wise enough women' for being separated or divorced due to domestic violence . .This moment, my heart goes out to - every woman, man and child who has lost a loved one - mother, sister, cousin, aunt, friend or colleague because of this. - those who have been shamed, condemned, overlooked or judged - those living with the consequences of the error and ignorance of those who should have pr