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MAID Netflix Drama Series Review

Image credit:  Netflix Like many great TV series and movies on Netflix, MAID came highly recommended. Because of my niche (domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse), there are some amazing people who often recommend related movies, tv series, documentaries or YouTube videos for me to watch.  I have two online learning programmes that I'm currently project managing, so I thought it would be great to binge watch a nice series on Netflix this weekend and not think about work. I heard about MAID earlier in the week, so I decided it's the one to watch. I watched the first 7 episodes on Friday night and finished watching the remaining 3 episodes this afternoon. I had different feelings throughout. I was moved to tears at different scenes and really laughed out loud at some. By the time I finished watching it, I felt a bit drained afterwards and couldn't just remain indoors. I had to go for a long, relaxed walk afterwards. was that real. It was like walking away from a real l

The Bible on Narcissistic Abuse

  πŸ“Œ When we talk about domestic violence or narcissistic abuse in intimate relationships, we're not merely talking about ' marital conflicts', 'misunderstandings', 'anger issues', 'love or lack of it' neither is it about 'prayerlessness', 'women and their mouth' , 'lack of submission', 'unforgiveness', 'we're all Christians' 'sins' or 'just a difficult person'.   πŸ“Œ Domestic violence/Narcissistic abuse involves U-N-R-E-P-E-N-T-A-N-T, REPEATED cycles of physical and very subtle non-physical violent behaviours perpetrated in an insidious manner.   πŸ“ŒFew points to bear in mind:   πŸ‘‰πŸ½ALL NARCISSISTS ARE ABUSERS.  πŸ‘‰πŸ½Not all abusers are narcissists.   πŸ‘‰πŸ½ALL abusers possess narcissistic personality traits.   πŸ“Œ Narcissistic personality traits have been written in the bible long before any medical or psychiatric diagnostic and statistical manual was ever formally produced.   πŸ“Œ✅ 2 Timothy 3: