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Pretty Ugly

 This brilliant poem was written by Abdullah Shoaib. It can be read in two ways. One way is filled with self criticism then when read bottom up translates to a positive affirmation. The type of conversation we have within ourselves influences our feelings, behaviour and overall self-perception. ❣ If you find yourself drowning in the unpleasant words others have used about you, be intentional about speaking to yourself like the worthy and valuable person that you are. ❣The operative word here is 'intentional' 💞 Bear in mind that verbal abuse is not about who you are but a confession of the abuser's feelings about themselves. You have the power to change the words you speak to yourself.  Choose healthy, positive words. As always, thank you for reading. Please leave your comments and feedback and share, share, share With love, Feyisitan If you're experiencing domestic abuse or have escaped and still experiencing post-separation abuse, join my Facebook community for suppor