Family Court Support

1-2-1 Therapeutic Family Court Support 

Going through the Family Court in itself can be quite traumatic for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Having gone through the Family Court process myself, I learnt how challenging this can be first hand and I have been able to successfully transform the experience into a life changing and much needed service to effectively support my clients over the past few years. 

Whether you’re representing yourself or seeking the advice and support of a solicitor, this service will help you. It forms part of your healing and recovery journey, post-separation from the abuser.

My approach is holistic, trauma-informed, therapeutic family court support that will help you achieve the most favourable outcome of the court proceedings.

This service is provided for men and women survivors of domestic abuse/narcissistic abuse who are going through the family court. It is provided for: 

- Child Contact Arrangement Proceedings
- Divorce Proceedings
- Non-Molestation and/or Occupation Order Application and Proceedings

How does this work?

There's an initial 1-2-1 consultation with me.

During this time, I will be able to: 
  • Establish your needs
  • Assess risk levels
  • Level of support needed
  • If there will be a need for further support or referrals
Consultation Fee is £125 for up to 1-hour with additional 15 mins FREE, if needed.
The session can be delivered by telephone or Zoom depending on your preference.

Next Steps:

In my experience, the initial consultation has been sufficient for some clients to proceed on their own or engage the services of Solicitors. But for some others, based on the outcome of the assessment of needs from the initial consultation, they proceed with working with me. 

If working with me - 

I will work with you to: 

  • Represent yourself from an informed, responsive manner rather than being reactive to the narcissists’ antagonistic tactics
  • Alleviate your major concerns about the process and the impact on you
  • Identify, gather and prepare your evidence and/or court bundles where required 
  • Prepare a well structured court statement based on your experience of abuse
  • Gain clarity of the overall experience

You will be able to: 

  • Understand how the Family Court process works
  • Gain self awareness and ability to manage your overall expectations
  • Identify and understand the abuser’s tactics and how to overcome them
  • Establish the key risk factors the abuser pose to you and your child(ren) involved and strategise ways to mitigate them
  • Establish and present a reasonable and safe contact arrangement in the best interest and safety of your children and yourself
  • Understand, validate and manage your emotions
  • Understand the impact on your child(ren) and how best to support them
  • Support and communicate with your children effectively during the process
  • Communicate effectively with the agencies involved
  • Respond to the ex’s or their solicitor’s letters or email
  • Find your voice and present your truth without fear or intimidation

What you will gain:

  • Clarity 
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Healing 
  • Your voice
  • Favourable outcome

If you're a Christian, we'll be ‘putting on the full armour’.

Get the right support and intervention from the onset

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