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Things Not To Say To Survivors of Domestic Abuse

  Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Canva Domestic abuse is traumatic and it is important to understand the devastating impact it has on the victims/survivors bearing in mind that there are various dynamics of domestic abuse. It takes a lot of courage for survivors to reach out to other people, to discuss their ordeal. When a victim/survivor reaches out to you, be empathetic and kind; your reaction and your words could help them to heal or cause them more pain. While the abuser may be known to you, the victim's experience with them is different from yours.  Be mindful to avoid any statement that implies or suggests the victim may be partly or fully responsible for the abuse. Any of these statements if made could cause them more harm, making their traumatic situation a lot worse.  These are some of the things you MUST NEVER ask or say to victims/survivors of domestic abuse: 🚫 1️⃣ What did you do?   It's an offensive question. There's no better way of acutely accusing or shuttin