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The Gain In Your Pain

Life experiences surely teach us things many of us did not bargain for. We were forced to learn through the journey of life. There are many things you don't get to learn in the classroom regardless of your level of educational qualification or exposure. The struggle with conception, medical challenges, weight loss, struggle with finances, bad habits, accidents, pains from the loss of a loved one, domestic violence, abuse, injustice, unemployment and other unpleasant circumstances have made some of us 'experts' on the subject matter that was once a challenge. . . . There is a purpose behind your pain, the struggle, the challenge. While you pray them away...Ask the Lord to open your heart and mind to see the 'Purpose' in it. It isn't just your story, It's your ministry and that's your purpose or at least, one of them. Use It! Remember Romans 8:28 - "And we know that for those who Love God, ALL things work together for good, for those w