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No Visible Scars, Believe Them

One of the greatest challenges victims/targets of abuse face in speaking out is getting people to believe them. This is because abusers usually have chronic multiple personalities or suffer from other forms of psychological challenges. The abusive partner could be the most amazing sibling, boss, friend, colleague, religious leader, saving other people's lives, being compassionate to other people BUT on the home-front, the abuser is a 'monster' or a 'devil's advocate' or 'in-house terrorist'. The person you see that you think you know is different from the person they know. Domestic abuse is not just physical but also include patterns of coercive control, manipulation, intimidation, verbal abuse, spiritual abuse and psychological abuse. Not every victim will have visible scars to show for their ordeal.  So when people experiencing domestic abuse reach out to you, Believe them. Help them to get help. With love Fèyísìtàn O.A Dip.Cogniti

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About Feyisitan

Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Fèyísìtàn. I am a Trauma-Informed Domestic Violence & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach. I founded The Nurtured Woman, a private coaching and consulting practice that provides recovery coaching and mentoring support to men and women who have experienced domestic abuse or narcissistic abuse to transform their lives. I provide family court support on Child Contact Arrangement cases. I offer post-separation and divorce support for women who have escaped domestic violence to heal, thrive and live fulfilling lives. I'm a conference speaker. I create and deliver training courses and workshops on domestic violence, narcissistic abuse and healthy relationships. I support and encourage families to cultivate intentional, healthy, family relationships.   This blog was created to raise awareness of the various dynamics of Narcissistic Abuse and Domestic Violence in African communities. The initiative was initially titled  '