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Categories Of Abusers

Abusers don't have a peculiar look or any physical traits that make anyone identify them easily as abusers. What abusers display are patterns of negative behaviours. Typically, they possess superficial charm. They warm their ways into the lives of their Target to gain their trust then gradually begin to take control of every possible area of their Target's lives -  career, relationships with family and friends, passion and interests etc. From the onset of the relationship, they appear like dream catchers, full of hope, enthusiasm and support for your interests and dreams. When they are certain they've caught your attention and commitment, they gradually display their true selves...with time, 'the mask' begin to fall off. Some begin to isolate their Targets, gradually strip their Targets of their self-esteem/ self-worth by verbal abuse, discounting, isolation, condemnation, control and manipulation. From personal experience, counselling other people and man