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10 Signs You Are A Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

Image by Retha Ferguson on Canva Narcissistic abuse is often subtle and could easily go on unnoticed for several weeks, months or years. It could take the form of all types of abuse including physical, verbal, psychological, financial, sexual, digital or spiritual abuse. There would have been a repeated pattern of negative behaviours including coercive control and manipulation leaving you with devastating feelings about yourself before realising what really hit you. So how do you recognise that you are experiencing or have experienced narcissistic abuse? This list is not exhaustive and written in no particular order 1. Isolation: When you feel isolated from the people you would normally have good relationships with. These could be family, friends or other loved ones. Narcissists have the habit of manipulating you to believe that other people hate you and are not concerned about you.  2. Shame and Self-Isolation: When you feel the need to hide and avoid people you would norm