About Feyisitan

Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog, I am Fèyísìtàn. I am the founder of The Nurtured Ministries to create awareness of Domestic Violence in African societies. The initiative was initially titled  ''NurturedNotTortured'' was chosen primarily from the reflection of my experience being in a marital narcissistic abusive relationship for a long period of time. While the relationship was extremely toxic, it was stressful, draining and distracting but I was never broken. I was being nurtured by the reality of knowing who I was as an individual, knowing who I am in Christ as a Christian and an understanding of scriptural principles for everyday living.

I believe my experience was for a purpose, for such a time as this. To equip and prepare me for this Ministry to help others who are or may find themselves in abusive or toxic relationships.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 clearly define the foundation of this cause.

 ''3: All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…


I am passionate about speaking engagements that will empower, educate and transform your audience. I speak at conferences, workshops, churches and youth groups. I also participate on TV/Radio and social media live streams.

Speaking topics include:

- Dynamics of Domestic Abuse
- Dynamics of Narcissistic Abuse
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Victim
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Children
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Society
- Domestic Abuse and Mental Health
- The Cycle of Abuse
- Types of Domestic Abuse
- Domestic Abuse vs Narcissistic Abuse
- Trauma Bonding
- How To Support A Loved One Experiencing Domestic Abuse
- Identifying The Signs of Domestic Abuse
- Identifying The Signs of Narcissistic Abuse
- Healing To Thriving After Domestic Abuse
- Safety Planning for Victims of Domestic Abuse
- Managing Your Emotions
- What If I'm The Abuser

For Church events, all the topics listed above including:

- Domestic Abuse in Christian Marriages
- Biblical Perspectives of Domestic Abuse
- Biblical Perspectives of  Narcissists
- Godfident Parenting
- More Than A Conqueror
- Fear, Anxiety and Stress
- Purpose-Filled Living
- More Than A Conqueror
- The Armour of God
- Fruit of The Spirit
- The Man After God's Heart
- The Woman After God's Heart
- The Child After God's Heart

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