I am passionate about speaking engagements that will empower, educate and transform your audience. I speak at conferences, workshops, churches and youth groups. I also participate on TV/Radio and social media live streams.

Speaking topics include:

- Dynamics of Domestic Abuse
- Dynamics of Narcissistic Abuse
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Victim
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Children
- Impact of Domestic Abuse on The Society
- Domestic Abuse and Mental Health
- The Cycle of Abuse
- Types of Domestic Abuse
- Domestic Abuse vs Narcissistic Abuse
- Trauma Bonding
- How To Support A Loved One Experiencing Domestic Abuse
- Identifying The Signs of Domestic Abuse
- Identifying The Signs of Narcissistic Abuse
- Healing To Thriving After Domestic Abuse
- Safety Planning for Victims of Domestic Abuse
- Managing Your Emotions
- What If I'm The Abuser

For Church events, all the topics listed above including:

- Domestic Abuse in Christian Marriages
- Biblical Perspectives of Domestic Abuse
- Biblical Perspectives of  Narcissists
- Godfident Parenting
- More Than A Conqueror
- Fear, Anxiety and Stress
- Purpose-Filled Living
- More Than A Conqueror 
- The Armour of God
- Fruit of The Spirit
- The Man After God's Heart
- The Woman After God's Heart
- The Child After God's Heart

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