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Therapeutic Family Court Masterclass

  The abuse does not end post separation but often escalates. It is very common for narcissists to take to the family court with false allegations of parental alienation and a host of other accusations. The family court is another avenue abusers use to maintain control particularly when dependent children are involved. My name is Feyisitan, I'm a Trauma-Informed Domestic Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and Training Consultant. I'm based in the UK with a global reach of clients based in the UK, Africa, Canada and the USA . Over the past few years, I have successfully supported my clients who are survivors of narcissistic abuse, going through the family court to gain favourable outcomes. The Therapeutic Family Court is my most sought after service with 8 out 10 enquiries or referrals about family court support. I will be hosting this masterclass to teach you how to navigate the family court system from a trauma-informed lens in order to achieve a favourable outcome f