You're More Powerful Than The Abuser

Are you familiar with the phrase 'hurting people hurt others?🤔. I bet you are🌞👩‍💻 But are you aware that you're actually more powerful than the person abusing you??🤔 Maybe not necessarily physically but mentally #readon

No doubt abusive behaviours are learnt over time. No one was born an abuser 💯 #notdnaissue🤷‍♀️

Somewhere between faulted upbringing, exposure to trauma, suppressed emotions, unresolved personal issues, manipulated scriptures, entangled with warped religious and cultural beliefs, an abuser was made 💯.

The abuser's first tactic is to strip you of your self-esteem or take advantage of your vulnerabilities
The abuser instils fear in you out of their own insecurities not because of what you did or didn't do or say

Your escape/leaving is an exposure of their inadequacies. In other words, you're a 'mask thief'🙈

Fear, entitlement mentality and insecurities are some of the reasons for the rage, smear campaign and post abusive attacks after you leave.

For those who are not aware

The risk to life is greater for many after they leave than when they stay in the relationship. 
That is why professionals are involved in high-risk cases to prevent that.

So #stopasking 'Why can't they just leave?" It's not always that easy for many. 
Ask ''why can't he just stop''?

You have the right frame of mind to recognise that you're being abused or mistreated. Your ultimate power is your right mind 💪🏽😊😇  #guardyourmind #seekhelp #never #your #fault

It's not your fault (never was and never will be)
Seek professional help
Your silence is as harmful to you as the abuse
You cannot help the abuser but you can help yourself
You're not alone
Renew your mind
No, you cannot 'pray' the abusive behaviour away
Seek professional help
Never give up on you

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